Neal A. Maxwell confluence

This is intended to be a comprehensive collection of all of Neal Ash Maxwell’s published works, as well as related documents from various authors. The bibliography to The Collected Works of Neal A. Maxwell was invaluable in its preparation, as was the bibliography to A Disciple’s Life (which I have yet to completely incorporate). However, these have proven to be incomplete, and thus I have embarked on creating a (more) complete list of Brother Maxwell’s works. Many of you have contributed, with especial thanks to Daniel Mower and Matt Bean.

I won’t try to tell the story of Elder Maxwell here–others have done that far better. I recommend the entry at Grampa Bill’s G.A. Pages and Bruce C. Hafen’s biography of Elder Maxwell, <a href="″>A Disciple’s Life. The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship has also made a brief biography available.

Although I have included links to the more accessible works, many more obscure pieces (such as introductions, scholarly articles from his early career at the University of Utah, etc.) I have as yet been unable to track down a copy of. If you know of any works I have omitted from this compendium or if you find any mistakes here, please leave a comment with further details.

General Conference Addresses
1974 April Response to a Call text video
1974 October Why Not Now text video
1975 April The Man of Christ text video
1976 April ‘Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King’ text video
1976 October Notwithstanding My Weakness text video
1978 April The Women of God The Women of God video
1980 October The Net Gathers of Every Kind text video
1981 October ‘O Divine Redeemer’ text video
1982 April ‘A Brother Offended’ text video
1982 October ‘Be of Good Cheer’ text video
1983 April Shine As Lights in the World text video
1983 October Joseph, the Seer text video
1984 April The Great Plan of the Eternal God text video
1984 October Out of Obscurity text video
1985 April ‘Willing to Submit’ text video
1985 October Premortality—A Glorious Reality text video
1986 April ‘Called and Prepared From the Foundation of the World’ text video
1986 October ‘God Will Yet Reveal’ text video
1987 April ‘Overcome…Even As I Also Overcame’ text video
1987 October ‘Yet Thou Art There’ text video
1988 April ‘For I Will Lead You Along’ text video
1988 October ‘Answer Me’ text video
1989 April Irony—The Crust on the Bread of Adversity text video
1989 October ‘Murmur Not’ text video
1990 April ‘Endure It Well’ text video
1990 October Put Off the Natural Man, and Come Off Conqueror text video
1991 April ‘Lest Ye Be Wearied and Faint in Your Minds’ text video
1991 October Repentance text video
1992 April ‘My Servant Joseph’ text video
1992 October ‘Settle This in Your Hearts’ text video
1993 April ‘Behold, the Enemy is Combined’ text video
1993 October ‘From the Beginning’ text video
1994 April ‘Take Especial Care of Your Family’ text video
1994 October ‘Brightness of Hope’ text video
1995 April ‘Deny Yourselves of All Ungodliness’ text video
1995 October ‘Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father’ text video
1996 April ‘Becometh as a Child’ text video
1996 October ‘According to the Desire of [Our] Hearts’ text video
1997 April ‘From Whom All Blessings Flow’ text video
1997 October ‘Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ’ text video
1998 April ‘Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel’ text video
1998 October Hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ text video
1999 April ‘Repent of [Our] Selfishness’ text video
1999 October Lessons from Laman and Lemuel text video
2000 April Content with the Things Allotted unto Us text video
2000 October The Tugs and Pulls of the World text video
2001 April ‘Plow in Hope’ text video
2001 October The Seventh Commandment—A Shield text video
2002 April ‘Consecrate Thy Performance’ (text) (video) (audio)
2002 October Encircled in the Arms of His Love text video
2003 April Care for the Life of the Soul text video
2003 October How Choice a Seer! text video
2004 April ‘Remember How Merciful The Lord Hath Been’ (text) (video) (audio)

Firesides & Devotionals (BYU, BYU—I, U of U, CES, etc.)
1969 May 4 The Simplicity of the Gospel Address to eight-stake fireside. (BYU)
1970 February 23 Spiritual Ecology (BYU)
1970 July 01 Last Lecture. KBYU address. (BYU)
1970 July 01 The Gospel Gives Answers to Life’s Problems (CES)
1971 March 09 Decades of Distinction (BYU)
1971 June 8–11 Common Concerns and Commitments in Church Education. Education Week address. (BYU)
1971 October 23 Mormon Milieu BX8647 .B76 1970-71 no. 17 1971 (BYU)
1972 April 27 Freedom: A `Hard Doctrine’. (BYU)
1974 January 15 Family Perspectives (BYU)
1974 February 26 The Family (sound link) (BYU—I)
1974 September 01 But for a Small Moment (BYU)
1976 January 04 Taking Up the Cross (BYU)
1976 October 26 Insights from My Life (BYU)
1977 November 08 ‘All Hell is Moved’ (BYU)
1978 April 25 Commencement Address (sound link) (BYU—I)
1978 October 10 Meeting the Challenges of Today (BYU)
1978 December 8 “The stern but sweet seventh commandment”. Institute devotional. (U of U)
1979 May 20 “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh”. Unpublished address delivered at Young Adult fireside, Salt Lake Tabernacle. mp3
1979 August 16 The Old Testament: Relevancy within Antiquity, in A Symposium on the Old Testament. Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1979, 8–18. (CES)
1979 October 9 Guidelines For Righteous Living (sound link) (BYU—I)
1979 November 27 Patience (BYU)
1980 “Being a celestial partner”. Unpublished address available as archival manuscript from HBLL Special Collections, 1980. (BYU) AC 3596 1980. Cassette tape/CD format.
1980 October 5 “Such as is common to man” (1 Cor 10:13) Institutiom devotional. (U of U)
1980 October 7 ‘True Believers in Christ’ (BYU)
1981 April 7 Grounded/Rooted/Established (sound link) (BYU—I)
1981 September 15 Grounded, Rooted, Established, and Settled (BYU)
1982“Effectively using the scriptures”. Unpublished address available from HBLL Special Collections, 1982. BX 8608 .A1a no. 7092 1982
1982 March 9 This Earth Life—A Testing Ground (sound link) (BYU—I)
1982 September 05 Meekly Drenched in Destiny (BYU)
1982 September 10 But a Few Days (CES) BX8608 .A1a no. 4037 1982
1983 January 05 “The Education of Our Desires”. Institute devotional. (sound link) Additional transcript provided by Daniel R. Mower, includes prefatory remarks omitted in official version. (U of U)
1983 August 19 Those Seedling Saints Who Sit before You, in 1983 Old Testament Symposium Supplement, Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1983, 1–6. (CES)
1984 April 19 Commencement Address (sound link) (BYU—I)
1984 December 02 “ `If Thou Endure It Well’ (D&C 121:8)”, address to BYU stakes, transcript; video. (BYU)
1985 March 19 Part of Destiny (sound link) (BYU—I)
1986 March 30 ‘A Choice Seer’ (BYU)
1986 October 21 ‘Meek and Lowly’ (BYU)
1987 September 15 The Constitution: The Wisest Ever Presented to Men (also available as pamphlet with an address by Dallin H. Oaks. 1996. Provo: BYU–College of General Education and Honors.). (sound link) (BYU—I)
1990 February 04 The Children of Christ (BYU)
1990 October 16 Become Like God and Jesus Christ (sound link) (BYU—I)
1991 March 09 One Eternal Now. Address given at seventh annual BYU Management Society dinner, Washington, D.C., March 9, 1991. BYU Management Society. BX8608 .A1 no. 3363 1991
1991 March 31 ‘In Him All Things Hold Together’ (BYU)
1991 August 15 Teaching by the Spirit—“The Language of Inspiration”, in Old Testament Symposium Speeches, Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1991. (CES)
1992 August 18 The Inexhaustible Gospel (BYU)
1993 “Integrity: The Evidence Within”. Clark Memorandum, Fall 1993, 10–17. (BYU)
1993 July 01 Provo’s Freedom Festival Patriotic Service (BYU)
1993 August 25 Wisdom and Order (BYU)
1993 August 26 Out of the Best Faculty (BYU)
1994 March 27 Called to Serve (BYU)
1995 March 02 `O How Great the Plan of Our God!’ (2 Nephi 9:13), address to CES religious educators, Temple Square Assembly Hall. (CES)
1996 January 23 ‘Brim with Joy’ (BYU)
1997 October 21 The Refreshing Of Mankind (sound link) (BYU—I)
1998 January 04 The Pathway of Discipleship (BYU)
1999 January 12 Sharing Insights from My Life (BYU)
2001 February 02 Glorify Christ (CES)
2002 The Precious Promise. Women’s Conference address. (Available in book form below.) (BYU)
<em 2003 December 4 “Unto This Very Purpose”. J. Reuben Clark Law School Founders Day address. Clark Memorandum, Spring 2004. (BYU)
2002 August 13 Our Creator’s Cosmos. The Religious Educator Vol. 3, No. 2, 2002. (CES)
2004 March 16 Free to Choose (BYU)
2004 March 19 Blending Research and Revelation. Address to President’s Leadership Council. (BYU)
2004 March 21 Remarks on Mother’s Day. Also remarks by Colleen Maxwell. (BYU—I)
Undated “Disciple–Scholars”. From LDS Forums, courtesy of Hemidakota.

The Inexhaustible Gospel: A Retrospective of Twenty-one Firesides and Devotionals. 2004. Provo: Brigham Young University Press.
Audio for BYU—Idaho speeches is available (via Javascript) at BYU-I’s devotional page.

Articles in the Ensign (not General Conference)
1972 February The Value of Home Life
1974 October Eternalism vs. Secularism
1975 July It’s Service, Not Status, That Counts
1975 October Why a University in the Kingdom?
1976 August I Have a Question

“Why is work important? I understand that it is necessary, but is there a principle behind work that makes it more than an inheritance from Adam’s being asked to leave the Garden of Eden? Will the nature of work change when we leave mortality?”

1976 December Excerpts from the Expanding Church Symposium
1976 July Some Thoughts on the Gospel and the Behavioral Sciences
1978 August Three Jaredites—Contrasting Contemporaries
1978 December The Doctrine and Covenants—The Voice of the Lord
1978 October The Prohibitive Costs of a Value-free Society
1979 February A More Determined Discipleship
1980 October Patience (reprint of BYU devotional 27 November 1979)
1981 April Teaching Opportunities from the Old Testament
1981 August The Christ-Centered Life
1982 January President Gordon B Hinckley—The Spiritual Sculpturing of a Righteous Soul
1982 July Thanks Be to God
1983 March Meekness—A Dimension of True Discipleship
1984 June Our Acceptance of Christ
1985 April Unto the Rising Generation
1985 December Spencer, the Beloved—Leader-Servant
1986 August ‘A Choice Seer’ (redaction of BYU fireside 30 March 1986)
1986 December The New Testament—A Matchless Portrait of the Savior
1986 February ‘Cleanse Us from All Unrighteousness’
1987 June ‘Continue to Minister’
1992 January King Benjamin’s Manual of Discipleship
1993 April The Inexhaustible Gospel (reprint of BYU Education Week address 18 August 1992)
1993 September ‘I Will Arise and Go to My Father’
1994 June Wisdom and Order
1995 August President James E Faust—Pure Gold
1995 March Popularity and Principle
1996 June Becoming a Disciple
1997 April Enduring Well
1997 January ‘By the Gift and Power of God’
1998 March The Richness of the Restoration
1998 September The Pathway of Discipleship
2000 August Insights from My Life
2001 April Special Witnesses of Christ—Premortal Ministry
2001 February Jesus—The Perfect Mentor
2001 October Testifying of the Great and Glorious Atonement
2002 July The Holy Ghost—Glorifying Christ (based on CES address to educators 2 February 2001)
2004 April The Wondrous Restoration
2004 October These Are Your Days (based on a series of firesides) (alternative version, Religious Educator 3, 1, 2002)

Articles in The New Era
1971 January Questions and Answers

“There are many reasons why I ask this, but I imagine mostly because my roommates find the subject, in their words, “charming” and “intriguing.” The question: Do we still believe in the Second Coming?”

1971 February Questions and Answers

“In considering the social issues and pressures facing individuals in the Church, what does the Church perceive as its role as an institution in alleviating social ills? By not acting as an institution directly, doesn’t the Church put itself in the position of supporting the existence of these social ills in society?”

1971 May Talk of the Month
1971 August On the Straight and Narrow Way
1972 July The Lonely Sentinels of Democracy
1973 October A Message from the Commissioner
1975 February Spiritual Ecology
1975 April The Message: Why Not Now?
1978 April The Message: Insights
1979 June The Stern But Sweet Seventh Commandment Reprint of 8 December 1978 University of Utah Institute devotional speech.
1981 May The Message: ‘I Am But a Lad’
1982 August The Message: Creativity
1985 January The Message: These Are Your Days
1992 June The Message: What is Real Love and Happiness?
2006 April “When the Holy Spirit Speaks”

Articles in The Friend
1975 June Friend to Friend—Gospel of Work
1995 April Friend to Friend
2003 August Special Witnesses: The Atonement (redacted from General Conference October 1997)

Worldwide Leadership Training Meetings
2003 January 11. Revelation. (En español.)
2003 June 21. “What Manner of Men Ought [We] to Be?”.

Other Articles and Addresses (incomplete)
The Conference of Western Senators. The Western Political Quarterly 10, 4, December 1957, 902-910.
“Congress abdicates on foreign policy”. Nation, 08 Nov. 1958, 339–41.
Regionalism in the United States Senate: The West. University of Utah Institute of Government. 1961.
“Is freedom of the press compatible with national security?”. In Great issues concerning freedom. Edited by Waldemer P. Read. University of Utah Press. 1962. 41-53.
“Dean Maxwell tells of `two worlds’ ”. Daily Utah Chronicle, 21 May 1964, 1.
“The unseen university”. Utah Alumnus, Fall 1964, 5–7.
“Our crises in self-esteem—A major personnel problem”. Journal of College and University Personnel Association, May 1966, 38–41.
“The West on Capitol Hill”. In Politics in the American West, ed. Frank H. Jonas. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1969.
“Democracy and dissent”. Perspectives on Utah Education, Dec. 1970, 4–5.
“The Challenge of Democracy”. Address at the Commissioner’s Lecture Series, 24 Feb. 1972.
To the Youth of Zion. In To the Glory of God: Mormon Essays on Great Issues–environment–commitment–love–peace–youth–man. Edited by Hugh Nibley. Deseret Book Co. 1972.
Panel Discussion on J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Ray C. Hilam, Martin B. Hickman, James B. Allen, Neal A. Maxwell, and Robert S. Jordan. BYU Studies 13, no. 3, 1972, 373-395. 21 November 1972. BX8605.1 .B76b vol. 13 no. 3 1973
“Amendments offer way to better government”. Salt Lake Tribune, 05 Nov. 1972, B6.
“3,638 receive degrees at BYU graduation”. Church News, 21 Apr. 1973, 3.
The Growing Edge 8, no. 2, Oct. 1975, 1.
A message from the Commissioner”. 1976
“Some thoughts about our Constitution and government”. In Five Essays on the U.S. Constitution, ed. Ray C. Hillam. Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, 1977. BX8643 .H556f 1977
“Public service in a time of paradoxes”. Vital Speeches of the Day, 01 Jun. 1979, 494–96.
“The Simplicity that is in Christ”: Phi Kappa Phi Initiation Ceremonies, Brigham Young University, February 19, 1980. Brigham Young University Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. 19 February 1980. BX8608 .A1 no. 3143 1980
“In knowledge and godliness”. Inaugural address. In Inauguration : inaugural addresses 1980. Provo: Brigham Young University. 1981. BX 8608 .A1a no.3280
In Memoriam: Henry Eyring. BYU Studies 22, no. 1, 1981, 3-4.
“Mighty Men in the Faith of the Lord”. Minnesota Minneapolis Mission (3M), 1983.
“Ricks College graduation—A good time to take inventory”. Church News, 29 Apr. 1984, 6.
“Living Scriptures from a Living God Through Living Prophets and for a Living
Church”. In Scriptures for the modern world. Edited by Paul R. Cheesman & C. Wilfred Griggs. Brigham Young University Religious Studies Center. 1984.
Women of Faith: Selected Speeches from the 1985 BYU Women’s Conference. 1985. Provo: Brigham Young University Press. BX 8608 .A1a no. 5226
Good and Evil Spoken of Among All People. Address to BYU Management Society. 1986. BX8608 .A1 no. 2968 1986
Apostle Answers Queries. Sunstone, 1987 November, p. 45.
“Discipleship and Scholarship”. BYU Studies 32, no. 3, 1992, 5-9.; also, in Welch, John W., Educating Zion, 198-203. Edited copy of 27 September 1991 address to FARMS banquet. LD 571 .B672 .E38 1992
“Knowledge alone is not enough, apostle says”. Deseret News, 19 August 1992, p. B2.
“The Disciple–Scholar”. In On Becoming a Disciple–Scholar, ed. Henry B. Eyring. 1995. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft.
Interview. Searching for God in America, by Hugh Hewitt. Dallas: Word Publishing. 1996. Excerpt available as “Tactical Revelation” from Sunstone Magazine 104, 80. BX8605.1 .Su74 vol. 19, no. 4 1996 (video part 1) (video part 2)
“King Benjamin’s Sermon: A Manual for Discipleship”. King Benjamin’s Speech: “That Ye May Learn Wisdom”, edited by John W. Welch and Stephen D. Ricks. 1998. Provo, Utah: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.
C.S. Lewis: LDS perspectives on the man and his message (DVD). Brigham Young University. 1999.
Introduction. C.S. Lewis: The Man and His Message: A Latter-day Saint Perspective. Edited by Andrew C. Skinner and Robert L. Millet. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft. 1999.
Chapter One. Learning in the Light of Faith, edited by Henry B. Eyring. 1999. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft. BX8644 .On1 1999
Testimony of the Twelve Apostles. 2000.
Introduction. Why I Believe, 1–2. 2001. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
“By the Gift and Power of God”. Echoes and Evidences of the Book of Mormon, edited by Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson, and John W. Welch. 2002. Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.
“The Book of Mormon: A Great Answer to “The Great Question” in A Book of Mormon Treasury: Gospel Insights from General Authorities and Religious Educators, Provo, UT and Salt Lake City: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University and Deseret Book. 2003. 1–18.

Book-Length Works
‘…A More Excellent Way’: Essays on Leadership for Latter-day Saints. 1967. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.

Review by William G. Dyer, BYU Studies.

For the Power is in Them. 1970. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
A Time to Choose. 1972. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book. BX8640 .M451t 1972
The Smallest Part. 1973. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
That My Family Should Partake. 1974.
Look Back at Sodom: A timely account from imaginary Sodom Scrolls . 1975. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Of One Heart: The Glory of the City of Enoch. 1975. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book. Reprinted as The Enoch Letters in 2006.
Deposition of a Disciple. 1976. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward. 1977. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Things As They Really Are. 1978. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience. 1979. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Notwithstanding My Weakness. 1981. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
We Will Prove Them Herewith. 1982. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Even as I Am. 1982. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Plain and Precious Things. 1983. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ. 1984. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Sermons Not Spoken. 1985. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
‘But For a Small Moment’. 1986. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft.
Meek and Lowly. 1987. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
‘Not My Will, But Thine’. 1988. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
A Wonderful Flood of Light. 1990. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft.
Men and Women of Christ. 1991. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
That Ye May Believe. 1992. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft.
Lord, Increase Our Faith. 1994. Bookcraft.
The Christmas Scene. 1994. Bookcraft. (Pamphlet of 11 pages). BX 8608 .A1 no. 3646
If Thou Endure It Well. 1996. Bookcraft.
Women of Faith. 1997. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book. (Pamphlet of 14 pages.)
The Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book. 1997. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft.
One More Strain of Praise. 1999. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
The Collected Works of Neal A. Maxwell. 2001. Salt Lake City: Eagle Gate.
The Promise of Discipleship. 2001. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
The Precious Promise: A Message for Women. 2003. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book. (Pamphlet of 10 pages.) BX 8643.64 .M451pr 2003
Whom the Lord Loveth: The Journey of Discipleship. 2003. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Moving In His Majesty And Power. 2004. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.

Excerpt available from Deseret Book.

Articles by Other Authors (incomplete)
Arave, Lynn. Elder Maxwell recounts blessings. Deseret News, 6 June 1999.
Bednar, David A. “The Character of Christ”, BYUI Religious Symposium, 25 January 2003.

Elder Maxwell made a statement that impressed me deeply and has been the recent focus for much of my studying, reflecting, and pondering. He said, “There would have been no Atonement except for the character of Christ.”

Bednar, David A. CES Fireside. (Given 03 May 2009 at Brigham Young University—Idaho).
The Wallace F. Bennett Papers. University of Utah. These include several letters to and from NAM, as well as comments upon some of his documents.
Bergera, Gary James. “Review of: A Disciple’s Life”. Journal of Mormon History 28, 2. Fall 2002.
Eyring, Henry B. “Elder Neal A. Maxwell: Pursuing ‘A More Excellent Way'”. Ensign, Jan. 1987, 6ff.
Hafen, Bruce C. A Disciple’s Life. 2002. Salt Lake City: Shadow Mountain.
Hafen, Bruce C. “Elder Neal A. Maxwell: An Understanding Heart”. Ensign, Feb. 1982, 6ff.
Hafen, Bruce C. “The Story of a Disciple’s Life: Preparing the Biography of Elder Neal A. Maxwell”. (Speech at Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for LDS History, BYU, 16 March 2002.). (Thanks to Matt Bean for the updated link.)
Hatton, Gaylen. “Apotheosis: A Glorification.” Tantara Records. Choral & orchestral setting of Neal A. Maxwell quotes.
Johnston, Jerry Earl. “Elder Maxwell saved my life”. Deseret News, 24 July 2004.
Johnston, Jerry Earl. “How do we keep faith amid change?” Mormon Times, 02 Sep 2009.
Johnston, Jerry Earl. “Remembering clear words of Elder Maxwell” Deseret News, 20 Jul 2011.
Lythgoe, Dennis. Elder Maxwell: Writer, poet. Deseret News, 6 April 2002.
Miller, Dale E. “Bringing Peace and Healing to Your Soul”. Ensign, Nov. 2004, 12.
Parkin, Bonnie D. “Personal Ministry: Sacred and Precious”. BYU Devotional, 13 February 2007.
Proctor, Maurine Jensen. “Goodbye to Elder Neal A. Maxwell”. Meridian Magazine.
Skinner, Andrew C. “Neal A. Maxwell: Disciple–Scholar”. BYU Education Week presentation, 22 August 2006. My notes on the event.
Smith, William V. Neal A. Maxwell on Christ and the Cosmos.
Stack, Peggy Fletcher. LDS Apostle, Maxwell, being treated. Salt Lake Tribune, 26 October 1992.
Tanner, John S. “Of Men and Mantles”. BYU Studies 40, no. 2, 2001, 149-164.
Walch, Victor L. My Recollections of Elder Neal A. Maxwell. The Religious Educator.

Funeral remarks, Tributes and Press Releases (incomplete)
Elder Neal A. Maxwell. LDS Newsroom, 24 July 2004.
Moore, Carrie A. Elder Neal A. Maxwell dies at 78. Deseret Morning News, Thursday, 22 July 2004.
Morris, William. News: In Memoriam–Elder Neal A. Maxwell. A Motley Vision, 22 July 2004.
Funeral program. 27 July 2004.
Moore, Carrie A. “We shall not see one like him again”. Deseret Morning News, Thursday, 28 July 2004.
Ostler, Blake. In memoriam: Neal A. Maxwell. Sunstone October 2004, p. 10.
Statement from the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 22 July 2004.

We greatly sorrow over the passing of our beloved associate and friend, Elder Neal Ash Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. His life has been most extraordinary. He has excelled in the very many endeavors in which he has been engaged and particularly in his devoted service since his call to the Apostleship in 1981.

His incisive mind, his tremendous teaching abilities and his remarkable leadership have greatly assisted in moving forward the work of the Church in all the world.

Our hearts reach out to his beloved companion, Colleen, and other family members. We pray the Lord will comfort and sustain them at this difficult time.

Funeral services for Elder Neal A. Maxwell. 27 July 2004.
BYU renames ISPART to Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. BYU News—Release.
Samuelson, Cecil O. On Becoming a Disciple Scholar. Address delivered 2006 March 23. Excerpt also available in President Samuelson Remembers Elder Maxwell in Institute Lecture. Insights 27, 2. Provo: Maxwell Institute.
Hafen, Bruce C. Neal A. Maxwell: The Story of A Disciple’s Life. 2014 Men and Women of Faith Lecture Series. LDS Church History Department.
Colleen Hinckley Maxwell dies, age 87. 21 January 2016.




  2. Oh! This is a wonderful site! I have been wondering if someone had put together a compilation of Elder Maxwell’s works because I love to read and study EVERYTHING he wrote! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. Wow. This is really great — thank you for doing this. My wife and I will forever miss Elder Maxwell.


  5. Thanks for compiling all these publications. Plenty of reading for some time to come.

    I greatly miss Elder Maxwell.

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  7. I fell in love with Maxwell on my mission. I was too young to understand the deep meanings within his writings. Now I have an opportunity to really study this amazing disciple’s legacy. Thanks for this website.

  8. “Today in the Bloggernacle” linked to this work and I am thrilled to find it. Thank you for taking the time and effort to document Elder Maxwell’s works. I can’t wait to work my way through them all! Elder Maxwell’s writings on discipleship have changed my life as I’m sure they have the lives of many others.

  9. I don’t know if it is in the book of the same name, but his 1984 speech to BYU stakes “If Thou Endure it Well” is missing. You can find it in both written and play-back forms online I think. At least there is a transcript online (top of 2nd page of a google search is where it came up for me). Thanks for this collection.


    • Thanks, WVS. I’ve added the BYU Broadcasting link as well as the boap transcript.

  10. There is another message by Elder Maxwell that is not listed here (as it is not published) that will air on tonight (2 Mar 2010 at 7:00PM EST). This message is titled, “The Education of Our Desires” and is quite possibly one of the most profound things I have heard. It was given as an Institute of Religion Devotional on Jan 5, 1983 at the University of Utah. The last time the message aired I recorded it and transcribed it.

    To Ascentury specifically;

    If you are interested in having either the transcription or MP3 file, let me know.

    • DRM, I’ve listened to the devotional and proofread the transcript you provided. Thank you for making this available. I know transcribing is hard work.

    • Hello DRM, my son is on a mission in Michigan and is looking for a recording of Elder Maxwell’s “Settle This in Your Hearts” from the radio broadcast. Would you be willing to sending me the mp3 file?

      • You can try the link below, which doesn’t appear to have a search function, or to see if they will ever replay it online. I couldn’t find that it had been broadcast in the BYU archives; you could try emailing them to see if they would broadcast it so you could record it or if they could point you at a link to the audio.

        Also, maybe your ward library has the old cassettes or CDs from the 1992 conference.

    • I would love an MP3 of this talk “The education of our desires”

      Thanks, Louise Seger

      • I’ll look around and see if I can find the copy that Daniel Mower sent me.

      • Look at the thread below. I posted a link to where you can download it.

  11. I was pleased to see the wikipedia article on Elder Maxwell, then finding this work to publish his works. What a treasure. Elder Maxwell truly provided a spiritual feast. He spoke with eloquent plainness to those with ears to hear. His talks were to me like hearing fresh scripture live. I never tire of his words, like those gems in standard works. Would that all the world would have a quiet time to think and ponder over this man’s expressions of faith and wisdom. Thank you for initiating the work. I have especially missed his talks at conferences, but grateful much is preserved and available.

  12. I am looking for mp3 recordings of Elder Maxwells talks, “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh” 1979 BYU Devotional. and “The Education of our Desires” 1/5/1983 UofU talk.

    • Brian, I can’t seem to find a reference to a 1979 talk called that from BYU. Are you certain it was a devotional and not a stake conference address, etc.? Those have proven more difficult to track down. Where did you find it cited?

      Daniel R. Mower provided the transcript for the U of U talk you referenced from a recording off of a radio station; I’ll pass that along to you. (I don’t host mp3s here due to WordPress limitations.)

    • Brian Branson,

      I have the audio file.

      Daniel R Mower

      • Is there a way to post audio somewhere else, like a public Dropbox folder or at a free hosting site like


      • Where can I send the link to?

      • The Audio of the talk “The Education of Our Desires” can be downloaded at:

    • Hello,

      Did you ever find “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh”, and if so, would you be willing to share?

      Thanks much

      • No, I was never able to track down someone with a copy of the transcript who would respond to my queries. There must be one sitting around in some missionary home or something, though…

  13. This is a WONDERFUL resource that I just “stumbled” into. I would like to find an MP3 version of Elder Maxwell’s talk in April, 1985 conference. Do you know how I can get audio recordings of older things like this?

    Again – THANKS ! !

    Wayne Moore

    • DRM recommended a few weeks ago. They often replay older conference talks, and you can record the audio online to an MP3 (using something like Audacity, but there are probably simpler solutions too). Also, your local ward or branch library may have copies of cassettes going back that far.

  14. This is awesome. Thank you.

  15. Did any ever locate, “When The Heat Of The Sun Cometh” 1979 ByU devotional, Neal Maxwell.

    • I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for a devotional of that name by Elder Maxwell. The 1980 devotional “True Believers in Christ” uses the scripture “when the heat of the sun cometh” in it; is it possible that this is the same devotional?

  16. No, This was a 1979 BYU Devotional, and the Title of the talk was “When The Heat Of The Sun Cometh.” A friend received a copy when he served in the mission field, under Pres. LeGrand R. Curtis, Florida Tallahassee Mission, 1979-81.

    That is all I know.

    • Okay, I dug around a little more and found a reference online:
      “Neal A. Maxwell, “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh,” unpublished address delivered at Young Adult fireside, Salt Lake Tabernacle, May 20, 1979; transcript of this talk in the possession of the author.”

      So it’s a YA fireside, which explains why I probably haven’t been able to locate it anywhere. For now, I’ll just have to hope a transcript turns up somewhere, since I’m not certain where this sort of thing might be archived.

      • I just emailed a possible possessor of a transcript. I’ll let you know if I get anything.

      • I concur with the findings regarding this talk “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh.” I was a missionary under President Curtis and listened to this talk almost weekly through my mission. I loaned my copy of the talk to someone years ago and never got it back. I also made a long-hand transcript of it, but have lost it as well.

        If anyone finds it, I’d love to get a copy of it. I want to share it with my kids.

  17. Hi!! I just got back form my mission and I’ve heard a lot about a talk by Neal A Maxwell entitled the Education of Our desires. It’s something I’ve been studying a lot recently and I really want to find it. Does anyone know where I can find it or get it written or anything like that? Thanks so much!!!

    • It’s linked above as a 1983 University of Utah devotional.

  18. Ths is great – thank you. Have you found a site that has the audio to Elder Maxwell’s general conference addresses? I’d like to download them and create an audio file. Thanks.

    • The BYU devotionals have audio at that site, and the LDS general conference page has audio from 1999 forward.

  19. Thank you for the work you have done in compiling this. I have searched over the years to find a BYU 12 Stake Fireside that Elder Maxwell gave in the Marriott Center in the late 1970’s, maybe ’77, ’78, or ’79. In this inspiring talk he used the phrase “the rest is high adventure.” I am sure that this was not a devotional. I have searched through several books and data bases but cannot find the transcript. Could you help?

    • I’ll keep my eyes open for it. It sounds reminiscent of a minor theme of NAM’s that discipleship is an adventure, which he mentions (in more or less those words) several times.

  20. Elder Maxwell gave a talk for the June 21, 2003 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting broadcast entitled, “What Manner of Men Ought [We] to Be?”

    Unfortunately, I have not found it online. I have it in a printed booklet of the talks from that session.

    • Is there anyway you can send me a copy or a link of the booklet? I can’t find that talk in any written form.

    • Here’s a link that will lead you to pdf’s of both the talk itself as well as the complete booklet on my blog.

      @Ascentury, I’ve also got pdf’s the January 2003 Worldwide Meeting on my blog. Please, feel free to add these to your list.

      • Done, belatedly. Good to have that off the to-do list. Thank you for providing these.

  21. DRM,

    I’ve read Elder Maxwell’s conference address entitled “According to the Desires of [Our] Hearts.” That address helped me understand the gospel plan more clearly. I would really like to read a transcript of Elder Maxwell’s talk on the same subject to the University of Utah’s Institute of Religion in 1983. Is a copy of that talk available? Thank you, Morris

    • The link above is to a PDF of the 1983 U of U institute devotional.

      • Thank you for your quick response. I would like a copy, in pdf format, of the talk “The Education of Our Desires.” Is that available? Or a transcript of the talk in another format (Word, WordPerfect, or Pages)? I see the reference to an audio copy of that talk in MP3 format, but not he pdf format. Sorry if I’ve overlooked the link to the pdf.
        Thank you,

  22. You have put together an amazing collection of Elder Maxwell’s talks – thank you. Do you know how I can get a DVD of his talk at the CES Religious Educators Conference on Aug 13 about the Cosmos? If so please email me at Thanks!

    • I’d start by trying The Religious Educator, which used to have a wonderful website with access to articles but seems to have lapsed to a subscription page only. If you’re a subscriber or know a seminary or institute teacher who is, perhaps you can find a contact number for them.

  23. Excellent site! I’ve been looking everywhere for an Mp3 of Elder Maxwell’s first conference address as an apostle “O Divine Redeemer”. Does anyone have it or know where I could find it. I’ve seen a couple of montages on YouTube with parts of the talk as the background but I’ve never found the complete talk.

  24. You can find a lot of talks here:,+Neal+A.&topic=&type=2&year=&x=12&y=3

  25. thank you for doing this!!! i will miss him so much. i loved his talks!

  26. The enjoyment of Elder Maxwell’s speaking and writing style have expanded my mind and most of all blessed the feelings of my heart. This listing of his efforts is a wonderful tool to explore the heart and mind of this wonderful man. Thanks for putting forth the work to share the works of Elder Maxwell.

  27. Looks like you don’t yet have The Book of Mormon: A Great Answer to “The Great Question”. Find it here:

    • Thanks a lot! I’ll add it in.

  28. […] Neal A. Maxwell Confluence […]

  29. As Chief Instigator of the Institutes of Seminary Education, {circa’ 1976} Elder Maxwell provided my Bonneville High Senior Class, with the filmed presentation of “Tom-Trails”. This saga “sparked” my intrest so intensly, that in later years, and through the spirit of discovery, I found through a sojourn to India, and a “Hem-isphere” away, The Lehi reminents of ZARA-HEM-LA. Still later, I transversed a copy of the Gosple of Thomas, Maintained by an Essene Community, {Sea Scrolls} in 1945. Long live the prolific utterences of Elder Neil Ash Maxwell, for time and memorial, as he continues to preform his scribal vocations, in onclaves of the Wittness Protection Programme. One of many who never tasted death.

    • Can this person’s comment be deleted? “Witness Protection Progamme”? Seriously? Elder Maxwell’s memory deserves more respect than that. He’s an Apostle of the Lord, not a rock star. That doesn’t belong on a website like this.

  30. This resource-database is not only very special but also very profound; it stands as a testimony of Neal A. Maxwell’s sincere effort to fulfil his mortal mission. If we merely use his works as a library however, it will most likely not meet his full intentions. As I see it, his special mission in mortality was to nourish and attend to all those who decide to enter into the true discipleship and fellowship of Christ. His words reach out and touch the hearts of all, who, after all we can do, still seek and earnestly strive for a new spiritual birth. In this regard, when we search his words we will come to understand and treasure his work as a true inheritance; especially when we consider that it takes many years for the fruits of a mighty change of heart, that is to say: lasting changes in the depth of our heart, to be visible. With unfailing and unremitting efforts Elder Maxwell dedicated his life to opening the door of understanding the unique responsibility of the Saviour, and the direct interference and tutorship of Christ in our lives – if we are willing to submit! The spirit and influence of his works will accompany and spiritually prepare generations, present and future, for the approaching second coming, when all living will be purified even as He is pure.

  31. Thank you so much for this work!!!!!

    I want to add that there is a talk that is wonderful but its not listed and I really want to have a least the transcript of this talk given at a BYU Women’s Conference – February 18, 1983 called “Try the Virtue of the Word of God” here is the link for the audio

    I’m sorry I can not transcribe, my english is not that good.

    • That’s a good point—there are a lot of untranscribed speeches from BYU firesides and conferences that are sitting around in audio format at; I imagine that U of U must have a lot as well. If anyone has time and is so inclined, a transcript would be most useful.

      Also, is there any interest in having this converted to a wiki-type format or something where perhaps the text as well could be posted (assuming copyright issues can be worked out)? Or are the links sufficient?

  32. Thank for this work, because our Élder Neal Maxwell is a great man. He spoke like Jesus and now i can read your writtens.

    Merci Beaucoup pour ça, parce que Élder Neal Maxwell est a grand homme. Il a parlé comme Jesus et aujourd’hui je peux lire leur mots.

    Muito Obrigado por esse trabalho, por que nosso Élder Neal Maxwell é um grande homem. Ele falou como Jesus e agora eu posso ler suas palavras.

  33. Thanks so much for your great work in doing this. I noted in your section entitled “Book-Length Works” that “Lord, Increase Our Faith” is listed twice, both in 1994 and 1998. Unless it was published twice or updated, the correct date is 1994. Also, “Of One Heart/Look Back at Sodom” (1975) was two separate books originally, as you will know, and possibly could be listed that way. The two were published together in 1990 in hardback as “Of One Heart/Look Back at Sodom” in a single volume. Also, “Of One Heart” is now published in paperback as “The Enoch Letters”. Thanks again.

    • Edited. Thanks.

  34. Thanks for the updates.

    There is a talk entitled “Blending Research and Revelation” that was Elder Maxwell’s last talk to a BYU audience (President’s Leadership Council, 19 Mar 2004.) If you’d like a copy I can forward the .pdf. I presume you intend this site to provide a listing of his spoken and written contributions that is as exhaustive as possible. I also have a U of U Institute-published version of “The Education of Our Desires” which would be the official NAM-approved version of the talk although your transcribed version is excellent and includes all of the opening comments also. I have also a funeral program if you feel it would be appropriate to publish. I’m not sure what your link above (“Funeral services for Elder Neal A. Maxwell”) used to show but it appears the content that was there is no longer there.

    Anything new yet on “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh”?

    Thanks again.

    • I would love to have the official Transcript of “The Education of Our Desires”.

      • What is your email address, Daniel? I couldn’t locate a link anywhere on this site. But I’m new here and don’t know all the ropes. Thanks.


      • Will send it off today.

    • Fixed the funeral page link. I’m finding that is my friend when it comes to maintaining all of these links to a million different places.

      Let me know about those other talks you mentioned, if you please.

      • Also, regarding `When the Heat of the Sun Cometh’: still no dice from asking around. I think someone’s just going to get lucky and happen across a copy at some point.

    • yes please, send me a PDF copy

    • Matt – Would you be willing to forward both talks and the funeral link? Thanks…mw

  35. I have gotten a list of addresses and recordings from the BYU library that I am now slowly incorporating. I am also beginning to add the Library of Congress call numbers, where appropriate, to facilitate library hard-copy access.

  36. The Church is beginning to make all the old conference talks available as audio and video files and the archive will go back to 1971.

    They are doing it kind of checkerboard fashion, some conferences have all sessions now up, some have just some sessions and are in spots missing a talk or two, but that is temporary, they started this only in March of this year, so you’ll want to watch the General Conference page for updates. To see what is up for any given conference, go to and click on ‘All Conferences’. Then click on a year, then April or October. All video and audio posted will be downloadable as well.

    The goal is to finish the entire project late this year, but they as of now have a lot of April Conferences back to probably about 1982 as of today, 10 April 2012.

    • Great news. I imagine I won’t be able to get links to the A/V materials up anytime soon due to the work that will be, but it will certainly help those looking for further details or alternative media. I’ll post a notice at the top of the page. Thanks.

    • All right, I have added video and text links for all general conference talks (except Notwithstanding My Weakness, which for some reason isn’t up).

  37. This collection of Maxwell works is incredible. Thanks for devoting so much time to this confluence. I have been a student of Maxwell’s addresses / books for many years and am very appreciative that I now have this library in one place. Many thanks!!

  38. Looking for SL institute talk given on Jan 2, 1974, “On Being a Light”

    • Did you find that talk? I’m looking for it too. Thank you!

      • I can only find references to it. I’ve scoured the BYU library—I suppose that the Salt Lake Institute will have an archive if anyone knows someone there.

  39. Simply amazing. Putting in the video links is really the final touch to make this database an irreplaceable resource.

  40. Hi thanks for making this amazing list. I have gone through all the cassette tapes of the conference talks and converted them as MP3. I also found two more talks not listed here that were given by Elder Maxwell at General Conference Leadership Training sessions for Stake Presidents that were on the tapes, but not included in any other sources that I could find. If you would like me to send all these to you to host on this website for download by anyone, let me know.

    • i would like these two talks, if you could email me-

  41. I am trying to obtain a copy of the talk given by Elder Maxwell to the BYU Management Society Feb 7 1986 in Washington DC—it is listed on your site as——-bx8608 .A1 no 2968 1986—-however when one clicks on that it goes to “error”—-I have tried in other places–i.e.The Neal a Maxwell site and the Harold B Lee Library—-if you are able to help me it will be greatly appreciated!!!
    Jim Palmer Sr

    Thank You so much!!!

    • The number listed on the site is the catalog number at the Harold B. Lee Library. It is located in the Americana section, I believe. I am not aware of a digital version. The reference I have is a hard copy list of call numbers from HBLL of works authored by Maxwell. This link will show you the reference: here.

      I have also fixed the Google Books links and added a permalink to the HBLL library web page on the two BYUMS addresses. I hope that helps.

  42. Oh, the title of the talk is GOOD AND EVIL SPOKEN OF AMONG ALL MEN
    Jim Palmer Sr

  43. I love this site. I thought I had most of Elder Maxwell’s talks, boy was I wrong.

  44. can i get a copy of the mp3 “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh”?- my email is

    • Could I also get a copy of “When the Heat of the Sun Cometh”?


      • I have posted the mp3 as I have obtained some hosting. Please check the link.

  45. Three years ago, a video copy of the interview “Searching for God in America” featuring Neal A. Maxwell became available on the digital streams of YouTube. A link to the video is here ( ) so may add it if it desired.

    • Excellent, thank you. I’ve added the link above.

  46. Has anyone come across a copy of Elder Maxwell’s address in the First World Wide Leadership Training on January 11, 2003? I don’t recall the title, but it was about revelation. I’ve seen several quotes from it in a variety of talks, but I’ve had no luck finding anything on that training session.

    • I have an update to my own question, sort of. This may or may not be useful, but I found a pdf of of the Spanish translation of this meeting. I still am looking for the English version. Even though I can understand it, its not quite the same as reading Elder Maxwell in the original English. Here’s the link:

      Click to access primera-reunion-mundial-de-capacitacion-de-lideres.pdf

      • My ward clerk tracked down a copy of the First Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting. I posted a pdf scan of Elder Maxwell’s talk to a blog I just created for the purpose of sharing this. Here’s the link:

        Click to access revelation-maxwell-11-jan-2003.pdf

  47. I’ve been trying to track down the source of this Maxwell quote: “We need more women who are gospel scholars and more men who are Christians,” which according to one blogger was included on a cassette tape recording of a talk Maxwell gave many years ago. Robert Millet also heard Maxwell say it in a 1983 stake conference in Utah County. However, in the process of trying to track down cassette recordings of old Maxwell talks in hopes of finding the one that includes that quote, I learned that one of the addresses you list here, “Being a Celestial Partner” is available on both cassette and CD (though out of print). I don’t know if your list was intended to include such formats, but it seems to me that buying a used copy of the recorded talk through Amazon would be easier for many than getting a copy of a manuscript from BYU Special Collections.

    And if that Maxwell quote rings a bell to you, any help you could give me in finding an audio or print source for it would be very appreciated.

    • The earliest version of that quote that I am aware of is from Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward (1977), p. 127: “Mormon marriages ought not to be marriages in which men are the theologians and women are the Christians.”

      I can go ahead and add the cassette/CD formats: I do intend to include them, I just have been remiss in updating the list lately. Thanks for the tip.

      • Okay. I’ve done a bit more research but am still looking. There is a talk, Taking up the cross, from BYU that deals extensively with this principle without actually quoting his phrase. The form that you cite is Robert Millet in his book Men of Valor—I’m including this in case anyone else can track this reference down. I suspect that there may be another original version from a BYU devotional speech.

  48. Thanks for the quick and helpful reply! So it sounds like the idea in that quote was a recurring theme in his writings? Good to know. Thank you for putting together this exhaustive list. Elder Maxwell was remarkable even among the apostles and I’ve enjoyed reading through some of the older talks you link to here.

    • I seem to recall another version of the quote as well, something closer to the version you cite, so I suspect it was a favorite theme. Unfortunately, I’m away from my library right now so can’t check until later.

      • Anything you can find on that would be great–not being a Maxwell scholar, I’m flying blind as I choose what talks/books to check as I go down your list. Of course, I will benefit from that whether or not I find what I’m looking for. 🙂

  49. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and work.

  50. Again, thank you.

  51. I’ll check out Taking up the Cross–thanks for that.

    I should have mentioned that I already checked Men of Valor. It turns out the quote has been repeatedly incorrectly cited online as being from that book. What happened is that the BYU Daily Universe ran an article on the book when it was first published and in the article quoted Millet quoting Neal Maxwell (that quote was Millet’s inspiration for writing Men of Valor), and someone reading the Daily Universe article assumed that that Maxwell quote was in the Millet book. It was not. It was just Millet’s reason for writing the book. I contacted Millet and he said he’d heard the quote at a stake conference in 1983. The blogger Alison Moore Smith heard the same quote, or something very close to it, on an old cassette recording of a Maxwell talk, but she can’t remember the name of the talk and no longer owns the cassette tape.

    • Great clarification, thank you. Brother Millet is very helpful, I’ve found.

      Well, I’ll keep an eye out anyway.

  52. Thank you for your work in compiling this! I miss Elder Maxwell immensely. I have been trying to remember him through emulation of his literary style. I finally started posting my attempts.

  53. […] very comprehensive list of Elder Maxwell’s writings can be found here, at the website Radio […]

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