Posted by: Ascentury | Wednesday, 15 April 2009

LDS history bleg.

So I am planning on embarking on an in-depth study of Latter-day Saint history this summer in the slightly-more-copious free time I’ll then have. I’ve read a lot of the standard historical works (Rough Stone Rolling, several other biographies of Church leaders from Orson Pratt to Henry Eyring, etc.) and doctrinal works (Jesus the Christ, A New Witness of the Articles of Faith, The Truth, The Way, The Life, etc.), so I have something of a grasp of the structure of Mormon history. Where would you recommend going from here?

There’s so much to cover, but it’s not all of equal value in understanding the history of LDS theology. Has anyone ever charted out a survey of the best (read: most important) books to read in LDS history and doctrine? I haven’t been able to find anything comprehensive so far—maybe I’ll put some time into a chart of historical influences and published works.


  1. Comprehensive History of the Church by BH Roberts.

  2. At a few of the blogs there have been good posts of round ups of must reads — I think there have been such posts at BCC, Splendid Sun, FPR and Times and Seasons.

  3. Two good resources I eventually located (as per John F.’s suggestion) are A Brief, Incomplete View of Mormon Studies in the 20th Century and The New Mormon History.

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