Posted by: Ascentury | Monday, 20 October 2008

The progress and directions of Radio Beloved

Radio Beloved turns six months old this month.  I thought that I’d take a little time to step back from what I’ve been working on and posting lately versus my original intentions.

Radio Beloved was originally going to be more philosophical; piecemeal as my philosophy is, however, I’ve often forgone that in favor of theology.

Why I began this is still somewhat of a mystery to me. I was plagued by self-doubt from the conceptual stages, but then I figured that if I am a fool, it’s better to know outright rather than live in doubt about it.  The response has been far more encouraging than I feared.

My four best posts (in my opinion) were among my first, so I’d like to bring those to the attention of any new readers.  The ebook, Radio Beloved: A corn of wheat, does just that; it also gives me the opportunity to recharge a bit with my original vision of man standing alone before the Absolute, broadcasting into the void.

Briefly, let me say that my existential conception of Latter-day Saintism struggles mainly with the nature of God.  In Kierkegaard, Eckhart, and others, God is of course an absolute in the universe.  For Latter-day Saints, however, he is an exalted man, and stands in a different relationship to the cosmos than for many other Christians.  In some ways, that’s the problem I’m trying to strike at the root of–how can one reconcile an absolute Absolute with a created/deified/your-pet-Mormon-theoried Absolute?

In any case, I have learned, through the process of composing these essays, and writing this blog, of the basic love and understanding our Father in Heaven has for his children. The gospel, and all truth, is circumscribed into one great whole; only our misunderstanding can fragment that. Yet our petition for grace can accommodate some of our failure, and the Atonement may bring us all again one, Zion. May we become worthy of its habitation.

Radio Beloved: A corn of wheat


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