Posted by: Ascentury | Monday, 25 August 2008

An analogy of time, or an analogy of eternity

Imagine, for a moment, a spiritual or mental space, spanning existence.

Each intelligence in our Father’s presence is represented by a point.

In our premortal existence, we are freely bathed in the light of our Father’s love and enjoy open access to knowledge and progression (as far as possible).  Each point is unfettered, and enjoys a broad vista.

Then two mirrors are placed opposite each point, forcing each point to look into itself behind and ahead, to develop in a limited environment.

The very landscape around the intelligence is altered by decisions, influencing how well the mirrors reflect and how well they are seen.

Someday, the mirrors are again removed, and the point is naked before the light, living with the consequences of an altered landscape, brought into sharp relief or buried in deep folds.

We are a point suspended in the void, but for time two mirrors surround us.



  1. The beginning is a very potent image for me.

  2. You should record this as audio so I can listen to it with my eyes closed. Real beautiful and relaxing to read.

  3. Would that I had a voice worth listening to! Any volunteers?

  4. Thanks for writing this.

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