Posted by: Ascentury | Monday, 21 April 2008

In principio creavit ego blogum

Welcome to Radio Beloved. This is my exploration of religion and philosophy, an attempt to better understand myself and truth, about humans and heroes, science and revelation. It is an attempt to refine and clarify my attitudes and worldview by subjecting it first to the ungentle realm of words and then to the ungentle realm of public scrutiny.

By training I am an engineer, but science has not dethroned God. Science is both science of appearances, for it cannot tell us directly and informedly about reality, and a science of truth, since it tells us about our own interaction with reality (via phenomena). Philosophy, similarly, can inform us with models and theories of history, useful tools which do not strike at the quick of existence; it can enlighten us as to how to live better, and perhaps why, but its fundamental failing is illustrated by the subjective nature of truth. Only an intensely subjective, personal philosophy can satisfy what philosophy claims to satisfy.

Theology, as the science of God, will help us to understand better (if it is true and correct). There is perhaps no other realm common to human thought where it is so easy to wander into strange paths and be lost. Ultimately, however, action as the practical implementation of science, philosophy, and theology will be far more determinative of our lives and afterlives than armchair analysis.

To understand true theology, true philosophy, true science, we must be willing to lay aside the conceit of ages and admit that as God conceives the universe, he does so in terms far different from what we can even imagine. However, it is possible that, through righteous inquiry, we may be able to radically reconceive the world in terms suitable for the description and application of true faith and grace. We must be open-minded beyond our wildest fears to approach truth, for only in approaching absolutely and with conviction can one truly approach.

Latter-day Saints believe that truth may come from all places. I continually search in the literature and thought of our world, sources as varied as the Dao De Jing and One Hundred Years of Solitude. My human quest is to understand and, if possible, to facilitate understanding. I do not wish to fall in love with any system at the expense of the truth. No matter how elegant phlogiston seemed, it was incorrect.

And what of truth in a pluralistic postmodern society? These are the answers wherefore I seek. This is my attempt to order my thought and understand my attitudes better through forcing form upon them. I invite you to flip through this album as it is created, the rambling, self-referential snapshots of an ever-evolving identity caught momentarily in the barbed net of words.

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